Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ready, Set, DJ!!!!!!

I showed up at school today and was told class was cancelled, that's okay because that gives me the chance to update cyberland on my upcoming DJ gig June 7th at the Pure Malt Club house. Word on the street is that I'm on right before the headliner. I think I'll be a major disappointment to the headliner (a radio DJ and bass guitarist from Tokyo) because I have no intenion of doing a polite lead-in set: I plan to drop big primetime tracks, blowing the roof off the place and shaking the dance floor in the process. I'm planing to play all my favorite tracks as this is probably the last time I'll DJ in Japan. My evolution of DJing in Japan has been strange, with each gig getting bigger and bigger. This is by far the biggest gig to date (250!?!?), drawing people form the surrounding towns and nearby Obihiro. I kept telling the promoters I'm an amateur--I moved to Japan with only the MP3s on my computer--but they don't care. They must really like my music. I have double checked with the promoters that they'll have a sufficient number of subwoofers on hand because this set is all about bass (and the word "get" shows up in my playlist often; I don't know what that means).

On a related note, there has been some discussion as to whether or not it's me represented on the poster. The only other possibility is that it's the headliner, but the short brown messy hair, pouty lips, and look of complete concentration, not to mention eyebrows that look like live catapillars, suggests it could be me. Your thoughts?

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JT said...

Cool. Before I even read what you wrote I thought, "Hey, that's Blair!" So it has to be you.