Monday, June 02, 2008

Another thing to post about

Past all life saving measures, beyond the collective wisdom of internet forums, my blue iPod mini, gifted to me by my own grandmother, has died. I'm a bit shaken as I had not been planning to upgrade my iPod--not even remotely tempted--so sturdy and steadfast has been its performance over the past 3 years. But replace it I must, and fast, because a day without great tunes is like a day without sunshine. Speaking of no sunshine: I can't believe we've made it 3 weeks with nary a break in the clouds. Though it's now June, the best we can manage today is a half-blue, half-hazy attempt at summer. The reason I suspect by the week's end things could look better is because the forecast warms up. Heretowith the day's high temp could have been mistaken for late Fall or early Spring. I'm getting sick of it. RIP little blue iPod.

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