Wednesday, March 24, 2004

This is a link to a rather long article found on The article enters into a rather technical investigation on illegal trading and 9/11. It's also rather long but I found it a very good read. Just more unanswered questions but I'm a little smarter. It baffles me how people are not raging in the streets to get the truth. Find out who profited from these illegal trades and you find the real people responible for 9/11. I think it will be ironic if it turns out to be W. Bush.

Anyone here going to see The Corporation? I hope to see it on Sunday with the gang from work. There seems to be growing buzz around this movie, which is surprising since there has been little to no ads. I doubt it will ever have a main theater release since its essentially an anti-cooperate movie; not surprising when I put it that way. But I do not worry. The people that see it will be awakened to what's really going on and join the grass roots movement. So I encourge everyone to go see it.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

In the same vein of the Unanswered Questions of 9/11 I found this article about new information about the Oklahoma City Bombing. Again there is a situation of terrorism where the offical line is full of holes. Intesting evidence in introduced about how the building came down by high explosives planted on the structure and not by a lone ammonium nitrate fuel oil bomb outside on the street. Also interesting is the very well documented reports of other unexploded ordinace found at the site. No answers really, but lots of questions.

Monday, March 01, 2004

In following up on the data on global warming linked on the left more info has been released this time in the form of a Top secret Pentagon document leaked to the UK based Observer and is now in wide circlation of the internet, linked here. Basiclly the link on the left talks about the cooling of artic currents with in the next 10 years, meaning Europe will end up looking like Canada. The Pentagon document is a study of the political, social and eviromental affects of that gobal warming/cooling trend. Most of the problem arises out the extremely high levels of CO-2 that companys and cars are pumping into the atmosphere on a daily bases. If you would like to have just a break down of the .pdf file has an excellant writeup here. Read the link soon because it may not stay up for long.