Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Is my house trying to kill me?

As a jaded 26 year old, I still manage to surprise myself sometimes. Last night during my swim [insert long sad story about my left foot sore from running] I managed to swim 15 minutes continually (actually just a little more to make sure I'm on the safe side of that statement). A feat I never thought possible. And yet, with months of work, I was able to do it at a pretty good pace. I will admit to touching the bottom but only incidentally as the Shikaoi pool is kind of strange in having a mechanical bottom that is set at 120cm. Far too shallow to be called a deep end. I guess if anyone besides me was there they could do pool running. I still hate swimming, but I think it's safe to say I've graduated from being like a rock in water, to a cat, next will be a camel, then raccoon, an apple, then on to a deformed puffin, blind penguin, injured shark, and after that, maybe... maybe... a fish, as my swim teacher keeps encouraging.

As to why my house is out to kill me - I'm sure it's crossed the mind of others - I dinged that soft spot right under the knee cap yesterday when I was getting out of the ofuro (shower). Hurt like heck and I have a bruise today. Who would design such an object to be at that exact height? In anycase, I will be more leery of innocent dealings with my house from now on.

Lastly, and also related to my sore knee, I went running this morning before work and loved it. I felt way more awake for the rest of the day and it was beautiful to run in the stillness of the morning. The fog was burning off the fields as the sun peeked through the clouds. Quite a nice way to the day. I was much more stiff than usual - that wasn't a particularity good feeling - but there are some things I can try to alleviate that (mostly better stretching) before I give up. My only other possible ailment was my sore right knee. The joint was quite sore. But not a sharp pain that would have normally caused me to turn back. Altogether, I've been running injury-free recently - thankfully! - I think this is mostly due to the decrease in milage that has come with swiming. And injury-free running makes me happy.

Also, please don't expect any pictures for the next couple of days as my USB computer mouse died (it was my old counter-strike gaming mouse that served me well) and the idea of photoshopping with my laptop's touchpad causes me to involuntarily shutter and imagine a torture worst that sober karaoke.

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