Monday, June 23, 2008

The Last Epic DJ Gig

[Better late than never. Here given humbly with my apologies. I'd been waiting for pics that still haven't arrived.]

Finally struggling past the gloomy skies that chased us for most of May, we had the perfect summer evening for a party. The headliner turned out to be actually quite famous, a former bassist in a now defunct rock band Thee Michelle Gun Elephant. Judging from the fans' reaction - decked out in leather jackets and black boots, and the type of music he played - it must of been a pretty cool band back in its hey day by my estimation. When introduced I had to confess I had no idea who he was. He all took it in his stride but his groupies did not. But I ended up with my own set of groupies after my set too, so the balance of the universe was restored. As mentioned previously, my set did not go smoothly. At one point completely losing power to the mixer (a nightmare scenario behind the decks) but my tunes were solid and I pulled through.

I envisioned a set that included all of my favorite tracks but not ignoring the fact this had to be played in public to people that wanted to party. I set out to create a set that I would want to hear on a summer Saturday night. I wanted a set that rocked and rock it certainly did. I am especially proud of the fact - possibly I will get a t-shirt made up - that my set caused the party to get a noise citation. "Too much bass." So sadly the last couple of track were missing a bit of "oomph" in the bass compared to the start, but on the otherhand, it's not every day I turn up the music past 11. North American trainspotters would have noticed some of the more mainstream tracks and question my ability to pull it off, but in Japan, I could do it with style and aplomb. My set generated the atmosphere a cool underground party populated by beautiful people. I was especially happy to drop a fave track of mine and a secret weapon or sort; a track so obscure, deep and twisted its name has been lost to the internet, possessed of a bassline that is truly space-alien, planet-smashing, earth-shattering in dimensions, and so epic is begs to be played (very) loudly. It's worth repeating, I felt especially honoured by those friends who joined me to celebrated my last DJ gig on these shores. I hope I gave them a performance to remember.

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