Sunday, June 08, 2008

A blog for all Mondays

This blog is just a place holder unit I get a detailed post together about the Sound Festival. I'm actually waiting for pictures becuase it completely skipped my mind to take any with my camera. Everything went great but I cannot say smoothly. I really appreciate the people who came out to enjoy my last DJ gig in Japan with me. Also on Sunday I attended Shikaoi Sho Gakkou's Sport Festival which made for a busy weekend. In years past the weather has been horrible--threatening rain all day but never enough to cancel--yesterday we enjoyed summer in all its glory. I wore a hat and shorts for the first time I can remember. The tug-of-war was monumental, herculean even. And the 5/6 exercise display, where they build a human tower, was epic. It was impressive watching their concentration and gumption. And with one big push they had a 4-story tower.

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