Thursday, June 09, 2005

Well its offical. I'm soon off to Japan. This blog will generally now turn to detailing at this point my preperations for the trip. It looks like I will be leaving around the end of August but since I will be away for at least two years there is a lot to do. In a further posting I will detail the relationship between Stony Plain and Shikoai, which is the town I will be teaching English.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

If anyone in America can tell me why you still support Bush after the below little nugget was published. Its a memo from the British Government which said in reference to the Iraq War;

"The intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

Facts being fixed? Read the memo in full here. I don't think my skills are needed to interpet this quote nor put it in context
for anyone. The war is a sham and people, Iraqi and American, lost their lives. My question is how does a population not revolt in light of this kind of high-level conformation? Where is your moral compass? Where does the Truth lie? I guess I'd have more respect for Bush if he came out and said from day one that, "If you want cheap gas for your SUVs, were going to need to invade a country and scarfice some lives on the other side of the world." But instead he goes on and on about freedom and democracy, as if our class-based, materialist society is the pinicale of human civilization. There is no democracy at the point of a gun. Isnt that common sense? Am I really just to darn idealistic?

I know what freedom is. I know what equality is. I know what democracy is. We all do. Our souls want to be free. This is a line in the sand. Im taking back those words-- democracy and freedom. Im offically making them the people's-- the citizen's-- again.

Now... for lunch.