Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I feel like flexing my writing muscle this very moment. So while trying to get into the headspace of a writer I have had to ask myself one question. Who is my audience? This is important because this blog has no audience, I'm writing to absolutely no one. Don't worry I'm not necessarily writing this to blame you because I'm the only one reading it. Confused? This could be a really long post. It is very important when writing a play or book to ask who is going to read this book. The write should be able to read his or her work from the perspective of the audience. Does a work survive if no one reads it? Does the work exist if no one reads it? It's weird, I'm sitting here at my computer writing to no one, not even myself. Deep eh? Stop.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I found an amazing website after hearing a speaker on Coast to Coast AM. Xeno tech research has done extensive analyze of NASAs and ESAs Mars Data. And guess what, there are fossils and liquid water on Mars. NASA has yet to officially announce this data, but at the present time they do not denie it either. Actually, they confirm most of it so far. So with the found methane and liquid water, where's the life?