Tuesday, February 24, 2004

An interesting website has some of the best data I've ever come across for the existence of an illuminati-like organization. Author Bev Harris wrote a book called "BLACK BOX VOTING: Ballot-Tampering in the 21st Century" about the massive, gaping holes in the present voting system in America. She's rather normal really, she's in her 50s and came arcoss very sensitive voter machine config files when she did a non-related goggle search; then she spent a couple of years researching the issue and published a book about what she found. One such small example is that one of the main suppliers of voting machines is a Saudi company based from some Caribbean bank. That just doesn't roll with me, if its such an legit company why on earth are they based out of the Canary Islands. And while the book doesn't name the company it will only take two guesses at what the last name might be: Saud or Bin Ladin? Just interesting information I'm throwing out there, make up your own mind, all I ask is that you get the information first.

Also of note over at Guerrilla News Network is a really good QuickTime video about the so called War in Drugs in two parts. Linked here. The reality of the Drug War across the United States is studied with profound insight and artfulness. This is praproganda for the movement that is coming. Great beats and some ill rhymes for all the hip-hop headz and very well done.

Sorry I havent updated lately. I've come across some very important information that everyone should probably know about but I want to make sure I have correst first. I will update more often from now on.

Look up!

Thursday, February 05, 2004

"Before the terrifying prospects now available to humanity, we see even more clearly that peace is the only goal worth struggling for. This is no longer a prayer but a demand to be made by all peoples to their governments - a demand to choose definitively between hell and reason."
-- Albert Camus

Why should I struggle for material wealth (which I can't even prove exists) or fight for my country's glory? They're transient measures. These things are relative and ebb and flow in the stream that we call history. Technology really is quite grand. It has allowed an amazing level of interconnection between people. However, the flaw is that technology has evolved faster than our morals. So while we have invented ways to kill the world many times over or link each instantaneously, many people are still able to justify doing nothing and nuclear weapons are controlled by flawed people. I read this post on Bloodhorn.com post in which the person suggests that violence is simply a part of human nature. He said he learned this view in school. While I am here to tell him otherwise. There's two sides to every story and I hope he has an open mind to see such ideas. There's really no reason that the world has to be destroyed in an apocalyptic finale. If we choose for the world to become peaceful all we need is a small shift in perspective. I don't doubt that humans are violence, nay aggressive, but humans are balanced creatures. We also contain an amazing capacity of creativity and imagination. The key is to safely channel both of these influences. People paint and write books. Why can't people also do the same for aggregation. Take up Judo, boxing or Counter-Strike. This is a link to exactly such a group that is working to create such a change in perspective, the group includes writers, politicians and activists. Why do we separate the world into Us and Them? I suggest that everyone change their perspective slightly and see that all humans are just hurtling through a vacuum on a rock.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Dear goodness it has been a beautiful couple of days in Calgary. There was not a cloud in the sky yesterday and it was so bright because of the snow on the ground you had to squint to go outside. Quite poetic. And the best part about living in Calgary is we get a Chinook arch for the weekend. (for those international readers, it's basically a warm wind carried over the Rockies from ocean)

This is an environmental post this morning before I head out for lunch and then to class. I came across this article summarizing a study that had been released in Britain about a major cooling of currents in the Atlantic. The results of this is that in a mere 10 years Britain and Europe would no longer be the mild places they are today, and be more like, well Canada. The study was written by Nobel prize-winner Professor Paul Crutzen and other top scientists. These guys know what their talking about, maybe we (read: W. Bush and Paul Martin) should listen. There's also a link to this story in the sidebar. From my understanding what's happening here on earth is that because of global warming the earth is just trying to balance itself out by cooling off rapidly. A book was written in 1999 on this very issue. Written by Robert W. Felix called "Not by Fire But by Ice," linked to Amazon.com here. The book addresses this concept in detail and relates it to past environmental changes on earth, specifically the dinosaurs.

On a lighter note than freezing to death here's a Bush quote:
"I think anybody who doesn't think I'm smart enough to handle the job is underestimating."

Monday, February 02, 2004

Open Letter to Islamic Fundamentalists Who Are Bent on Trying to Kill Me:

I was disturbed in reading some Militant Hamas literature firstly it said that they desired to spread Islam to all corners of the world. I really have no problem with this statement. I like learning about other cultures furthermore Christians and Buddhists have spread their gospels for many years. However, the statement continued saying that if I didn't convert I would be slaughtered. Now I am a somewhat-intelligent guy and I know this statement is not followed by even a small fraction of Muslims, but its still disturbing. I only have this small question and maybe a Islamic cleric can answer it for me; but what are do they plan to do once they have converted the entire world? I would hazard to guess they would hopefully settle down, raise a family, visit friends and enjoy Allah's blessings. (Maybe people could start to debate the deeper social issues of the world such as capital punishment and euthanasia without the irony that we're just letting people starve.) So what I propose is just skip the world domination part and I will work my best getting this machine call "constitutional democracy" to work properly and fairly. They should just simplify their lives and I promise to try and get W. Bush tried for war crimes.

Personally I think we should celebrate our differences. I have been fortunate to have traveled to many places around the world and I see that while places far away are completely different, they are still people, with family and sad times and good times and are people I can call friends. I totally respect Islam, I wish no harm to even Islamic Fundamentalists. I must confess that I think you should not force people to be Muslim, isn't the whole process that much more powerful if the person freely chooses to follow Mohammad? I can totally see why western culture seems so scary. And there's no reason why you have to allow banks, Starbucks and reality TV into your culture as hard as ad-agency would try, even I agree there's no reason to be capitalist, even though that system does let you believe whatever you like and still run a business. (I would though like to see more women's rights and an end to ruling by fear, but these are really nit picks of mine) There nothing more beautiful that hearing the Muslim call to prayer. Call me an idealist but I would be honored if a Muslim family and my family could sit down at the same table. Of course I would research all the proper foods, called halal, and server them with flourish, it would not be a chore. The dinner would be a celebration and we could be closer and wiser people because of it. Email me to set the date.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

I came across this story from Saudi Arabia's top cleric denouncing terrorismm. The Grand Mufti said that "Islam has forbidden violence in all its forms." I'm not completely in the know in this area, maybe main stream Muslims don't adherer to his school of Islam. I think sometimes it can be hard for Christians to identify with Muslims simply because they have so much in common, such as sharing some of the same prophets and books. I will be posting more about this later. Just a side note; I think it's rather ironic --- though not surprising --- that this story wasn't more wide spread in the western media.