Thursday, July 10, 2008

Neglected? Kind of.

My Mom left Shikaoi at 9AM this morning She is leaving the Stony Plain deligation early: Mostly for wedding preperations, as we ramp up to that big event, but also--this being her 4th trip to Shikaoi--she has seen most of the sights (several times) before. Today's goodbye was not nearly as difficult as years past as I will be returning home myself (for the wedding) in exactly six days. That takes a lot of the pang out of long goodbyes. I continued on with my busy day; trying to keep my head above water; working through some things in the office for next week to get them out of the way. I was going to post some pictures here but my mom ended up putting them up on facebook (long story) so please check them out there. Immediately next on my schedule is the Ikeda Badminton Tourney this Sunday.

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